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The Cervantes Institute was founded in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1986 by Isabelle Jennings, a Chilean attorney, teacher and translator. The Institute’s goal is to provide high-quality instruction in grammatical and conversational aspects of the Spanish language.

The teaching staff is composed of native speakers who have university degrees and experience in modern educational techniques. Classes are given privately; instruction is one-on-one.

Each student experiences the introduction of basic language concepts differently. Therefore, it is difficult for many students to learn Spanish in a group situation. The advantage of one-to-one instruction is that the student sets the pace and the teacher can tailor classes to his or her specific needs. We believe that language proficiency is an ongoing lifetime investment: you must use it or lose it.

Spanish and Portuguese
At Cervantes Institute we now offer virtual Spanish and Portuguese classes. Our one-on-one approach will be taught through Skype© by landline or cell phone, so we are available to teach you wherever you are. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to set up your classes.
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Fundamentals of Spanish
This intensive 15-week course is designed to provide the student with the fundamentals of Spanish grammar. It is divided into three sections: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. Each section lasts five weeks. Throughout this course the student is encouraged to participate accurately and to complete homework assignments so that rapid progress can be made.

Fundamentals fo Spanish is offered on a one-to-one basis only and is tailored to each individual. For those with some prior knowledge of Spanish, the instructor will determine how many weeks of grammar instruction are needed in order to move on to the Conversational sequence.
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Fundamentals of Portuguese
Portuguese classes are offered only as virtual classes through Skype© and are taught by Aldo Caixeta. Contact him through this website for more information.

Aldo Caixeta was graduated in Linguistics and concluded his postgraduate study in Education. A Portuguese native speaker, teacher and translator, he has lived in Canada where he attended college and acquired proficiency in English. He has taught English and Portuguese for teenagers and adults in Brazil. Aldo works in high schools and is in charge of elaborating the instructional materials for ESL classes. He also specializes in translating legal and academic documents.
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English as a Second Language is available at all levels for Spanish-speaking adults who wish to master the fundamentals of english and/or sharpen their conversation, reading or writing skills. The instructor will evaluate student needs and objectives and design a course that incorporates the student’s goals and abilities.

Instruction is one-to-one, using intensive or standard teaching methods. Businesses and other organizations may also invite our teachers for on-site instruction in the United states or in Latin America at your expense
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Courses are scheduled throughout the year. For registration and information, call (505) 438-7049 or e-mail us at Cervantes Institute

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Classes are scheduled in five-week blocks. Each session lasts 90 minutes, for a total of 7.5 hours per course. Fees are payable in full on the first day of class. Taxes not included.

Spanish for adults
$375 plus tax for 5 classes
$750 plus tax for 10 classes

English as a Second Language
$300 plus tax for 5 classes

Special Terminology Classes
Fees vary. Please contact Cervantes Institute
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