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In today’s world both professionals and the general public have a need to communicate across borders in different languages.
Santa Fe Translators was founded in Santa Fe, New Mexico by Isabelle Jennings, a Chilean attorney, teacher and translator, to meet this need.

Translation or interpretation is not a mere substitution of words, but an understanding of all the nuances of language and culture. Our staff is composed of native speakers with university degrees and with experience in the translation and interpretation fields. Santa Fe Translators provides a full range of translation and interpretation services.

A basic translation should make your work easily understood and should read clearly in the target language. But to be effective you need more. Our clients trust us to provide accurate translations as effective as their originals whether those originals are birth certificates for immigration purposes or complex legal or scientific documents.
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Interpretation is available either on-site or during conference calls. Santa Fe Translators can provide clear, accurate and fluent interpretation from English, French, Italian or Portuguese to Spanish and from Portuguese or Spanish to English.

With Santa Fe Translators' virtual interpretation, we are wherever you need us to be. It is easy! Just set up an appointment and we will deliver a session of interpretation in Spanish, English or Portuguese through your landline, cellphone or Skype©.
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Translation Fees
The fee for general translation is 12 cents (USA) per word. Fees for specialized translation vary with the type of document. Please contact Santa Fe Translators for an estimate

Interpretation Fees
Fees vary with the type of interpretation. Please contact Santa Fe Translators for an estimate
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